Tuesday, November 1, 2011

i want to die rejoicing.

prayer of death- entrance
I want to die without no fear
I want to die rejoicing
I want to meet my brother there
And hear his glorious voice sing
Could not bear it to be left alone
In this world so full of sorrow
So if you leave this world today
I'll follow you tomorrow
I want to be prepared to die
In any kind of weather
I want for you to be ready too
We'll fly away together
If you think your life will have no end
Your foolish days are numbered
Go and waste your time trying to pretend
Still you're bound for eternal slumber
And the wicked men who rule this land
With all their wealth and power
Are bound to die like you and I
And none can tell the hour
I want to live in freedom now
I will not wait for Heaven
I want to sing til Babylon falls
And we all will be forgiven
I want die without no fear
How I want to die rejoicing
How I want to meet my brother there
And hear his glorious voice sing

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

thee physical

so today pictureplane's new album thee physical received it's physical release.
travis egedy is a prophet, a poet, and a friend... not just to me, but to anyone fortunate enough to interact with him. admittedly this statement is based on a night spent in his company bingeing on mdma with some other close friends... a night of music, lasers, drag, shoe licking.
still rolling on our way to the airport i handed travis the camera and asked him what informs his work... the following is his response.

his new video for post physical is perfect... chaotic, beautiful, and without pretense.

Pictureplane - "Post Physical" from stereogum on Vimeo.

pictureplane-post physical (mp3)

Thursday, July 14, 2011


always fucking killing it. nike7up just dropped yet another insanely uh-mazing mixtape... expansive without ever being unfocused. nike7up continues to manipulate elements of pop without being ironic, but instead inspiring.

nike7up- mixtape july 33:33 mp3

damn... still can't no body can fuck with this motherfucker. (he's playing 120 minutes at the elbo room friday august 5th in san francisco)

nike7up-lucky (thief in the night mix)mp3

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

division of labor.

myself and U>L>S>A are playing some noise/beats/imagery this friday at the division of labor festival at the lab in the san francisco mission... though personally i'm more excited about the rest of the lineup...

particularly streetwalker, and total accomplishment... i played with streetwalker some months back in new york at pendu disco... and they were fucking sick... and i've been listening to everything total accomplishment has up on their soundcloud fer like evs... i strongly suggest taking some decent acid, coming out, and having your mind blown.

OOZE by Streetwalker
Benny's Beat Studio Jam by totalaccomplishment

"Division of Labor playfully examines experimental music, sound, performance, and DJ culture, bringing together distinctive artists and uniting diverse audiences from within The Lab’s innovative creative community and beyond. For the past 16 years, the Lab has occupied the Redstone Building—a landmark encapsulating a specific history of union organization and labor strikes. Division of Labor is inspired by the Redstone building's rich history and coincides with our annual juried exhibition, A floorless room without walls. The gallery ceiling serves as both site and subject of A floorless room without walls."

Monday, July 11, 2011

loved to death.

so my friends at loved to death make shit... like the best shit... like ever. they do taxidermy work... jewelry, hair pieces, curio's, etc.
everything is made with care and then some... nothing is ever killed to be used... all made from recycled and salvaged parts, and all are made in memorial to the animal that has passed.

the loved to death shop is also the home of articulated gallery... which has been home to some absurdly amazing art show's over the past year... they're having an anniversary show on august 6th featuring the photography work of tommy ferguson.
there will be booze and darkness, with myself and nako providing musix. come hang k?

those kids obsess on musix like i do... so these two trax are fer them... they fer y'all too so feel free to grab 'em.
chelsea wolfe... insanely beautiful as always... (on tour with liturgy this month... and playin 120 minutes in sept)... and nike7up coming through 120 minutes in august.

chelsea wolfe-mer mp3
nike7up-lucky (thief in the night mix)mp3

photos: andrew moran   stylist: kristine cruz   model: tory   jewelry and bat: loved to death   slip: black pyramid

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Sweet Satan

 (screencap via)
Jim Van Bebber (pictured) produces exquisitely dark, self-financed, goresploitation films that explore America's history of ad-hoc cults, ritual killing and serial murder with an obsessional relish.
My Sweet Satan, 1994, is Van Bebber's take on the 1984 murder of Long Island teenager Gary Lauwers. The murder was ostensibly over a small drug debt but was later claimed by his murderer 'Acid King' Ricky Kasso to be a human sacrifice.  

Watch the classic short here: part 1/ part 2

acid king- lead paint (mp3)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Screen Time

Hi, I'm Jennifer. I saved this post as a draft a year and a half ago, but no one's enjoying it in my Blogger dashboard. So here goes... my first post for AWEWWE. Enjoy.

"Ballet Mecanique," 1924:

lots more after the jump...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

revelations and trash

my boy ben chisolm (white horse/chelsea wolf) sent me a tape the other day... been mad busy lately and put off listening to it for a minute...
this morning, in attempt to recover from the light asylum show last night (more on all that soon enough), i rolled up some headband, put on some headphones, and proceeded to melt edgily in to my chair.
seriously... you ever been at the club on mushroomz, and then somebody you owe drug money to says what up? they just being friendly, but because of the trip you start to feel like shits just a bit more sinister than all that... err'body voice start to sound a bit deeper... and the red and blue lights keep makin' people look like demon thugz. yeah... me too... dat shit is fucked up... but when it comes to you and you aint scared... and you just ride that tripp out... its the shit... so this tape kinda like that... the shit.


white horse revelations and trash mixtape (mp3)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

nudity is junk food for the soul.

these are from a series of polaroids called everyone orders pizza by photographer and friend andrew moran. you can find a few more here.

details and nerd shit: 
Models: Jessica Hudson & Amanda Jacobsen
Camera: Polaroid Land Camera Model 180

witchcraft- her sisters they were weak (mp3)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the last couple weeks.

shit been good lately... going backwards...

(photos by the super awesome attic floc from sf station)

more (as in footage from the salem show, gatekeeper, and an mp3 from white ring) after the jump.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


so tomorrow night i'm playing in brooklyn for pendu with gatekeeper and streetwalker... if you out here.. check us the fuck out... then next week i is playing a show with salem back in sf. you need to fucking go. here i'mma make it easy for ya. i just started a twitter account and i don't know what the fuck to do with it. so if you follow me and tweet something interesting at me i'll pick a favorite tweet on monday and give away a pair of tickets (the show is on wednesday march 30th at 103 harriet... you can still buy presales here).

Monday, March 21, 2011

17 minutes.

i really do adore sasha grey. and i'm completely batshit crazy in love with her music/noise project aTelecine... so the fact that the kids over at pendu got this goin' on just made my day.

"PENDU SOUND has released a new 17minute track from ATELECINE (ft. Sasha Grey) to celebrate the Spring Equinox … This exclusive track will be available for download for only 24hrs… "
seriously... get on this shit. it kills. and it's almost gone.

 speaking of pendu... i'm playing one of their show with gatekeeper and others on friday in brooklyn...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

isaiah the toothtaker.

photo by dan zev
my homie serge runs a sick blog called beer and rap... and i been buggin' him to spit some shit up in here fer awhile now... he's more than delivered...
this is an interview he did for us with one of my favorite rappers doin' it right now, isaiah the toothtaker. covers every thing from where his name comes from to what happens when you hit a man in the face with a black jack. this shit is fuck-ing real.

it's a long interview... but more than worth the read...
here's a sample (click to hear audio).
" One of them I split his face in half and like his eyeball popped out. He had to have surgery to put his eyeball back in and that’s self defense still. II used a black jack that time but it was like yo, it was versus seven dudes so what if I had a black jack. I could have stabbed each of them in the face and it would have been self defense.
 They got me for fucking assault with a deadly weapon, temporary disfigurement, and another like high up assault charge. It was like yo that’s obviously self defense. And like all those motherfuckers even corroborated to say that it was self defense. They all kind of said they tried to jump me, but yet they hemmed me up. I got indited for that shit, caught a felony for it. And the same shit, just cause the cops fuck up police reports and write what ever the fuck they want, doesn’t matter if it’s somebodies life on the line."

his stories are sick, his music is sick.

read the whole interview after the jump. (seriously it's fucking uh-mazing)

Friday, March 11, 2011


a week ago today i was high as fuck on sizzurp and drunk as hell on whiskey and tequila trying to hold shit together and dj... it was an amazing night... nako and oOoOO both killed (as usual), rezound was in from new york and he totally fuckin' brought it... but tearist (pronounced tear, as in to rip, ist) may well have kept me alive.

go pick up tearist's record here.

tearist-headless mp3

Friday, March 4, 2011

i'm in love with chelsea wolfe...

i hope that statement doesn't creep her out. i'm kind of prone to hyperbole... but i'm not sure if that's what's at issue here. the girl is seriously fucking uh-mazing... intelligent, well spoken, and sweet as all hell... then she gets on stage and fucking destroys me. she does what any good performer should. she becomes what she presents.

i talked to her for a bit and got some footage from her performance at noise pop... if y'all missed that shit... don't worry... i'm bringing them back for 120 MINUTES this summer.

showed her this video, and this was her response.
"out of space and time; bottomless and boundless floods.. something died inside me last night, normally that might sound like a bad thing but i think actually it cleared out a fog in my head.. my memory is bringing me all sorts of sounds and colors and days that i could never remember before..."
seriously... fuck-ing love.

go buy her album, the grime and the glow, from pendu right now... fer realz.

chelsea wolfe- halfsleeper mp3

Thursday, March 3, 2011

crystal fucking castles... you know you want it.

generally speaking, i don't spend a lot of time on here talkin' about shit that's already been overhyped... generally speaking, i don't spend a lot of time on here...  this isn't really a departure from any of that... it's impossible to overhype crystal castles... they may be on some major shit and all... but seriously they fucking kill it... besides... i have a present fer y'all. how about two guest list spots for tomorrow (friday march 4th) nights show here in sf at the warfield?

yeah... i thought so... more after the jump.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

thizz faced in L.A.

i went to L.A. last weekend to play for pendu disco's first west coast outing at show cave... also swung through and did a set for killing spree over at medusa lounge. the whole experience was nothing short of perfect. a meeting of like minded individuals from across the country all dedicated to bringing some new shit to kids... art, music, fashion... the shit we all been doing for a long time is being recognized right now, and we jus' gonna keep spittin' it. black is, was, and always will be the new black.
above is just a vid of sarah from killing spree hanging out with a rat named dreamcatcher... and disaro taking a much needed nap. i was high as shit on e when i taped this so... yeah.
and here are some performances show cave after the jump.... king dude and chelsea wolfe.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mind Tripping 24/7

Kathleen Daniel uses software like DAZ3d and blender3d to make animations that combine her unique, free-form, hypnagogic R n B with disarmingly heartfelt and hilarious psychedelic technoscapes. 
We've selected a few of our favorites but it was pretty difficult to narrow it down. We highly recommend watching every single one on her website or youtube account. 

An interview with Kathleen Daniel and more videos after the jump.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

keep the reaper off me

secretive producer U>L>S>A> is a recent arrival here in SF from London and a member of experimental electronic music projects, Shrieking Abscess and PoSE.

homie is also the new other author of this blog... as evidenced by this here mixtape the kid is absurdly talented and has taste.
glitch, treble, and static heavy... "keep the reaper off me" is like listening to a low signal internet podcast from a sick hip hop selector after smoking a sherm stick... and somehow an analog radio signal keeps bleeding through with news reports and classic country... and your tripping so hard that it all makes perfect sense... especially when it turns in to a slowed down trance room freak out.
basically shit is tight... download it... throw on some headphones... smoke a blunt... and go for a fuckin' walk.

keep the reaper off me (mixtape)- U>L>S>A>
(tracklist after the jump)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

new orleans... n'awlins.

putting together a new audio/video project called POSE... POSE is to be an extension of the noise sessions i host in my tiny little cottage here in SF on a somewhat regular basis... audio and video manipulation and production... live and sample based creation using various elements in open dialogue. er some shit... basically a band... but a lot of the pieces incorporate visual elements... it may or may not make more sense as it progresses... regardless...
here's a little remix we got to do for former ghosts.
def stoked on this whole deal conceptually... as former ghosts is itself an amazingly realized project from the mind of freddy rupert (this song is a mess and so am i) in conjunction with other absurdly talented, often far-off artists like jamie stewart (xiu xiu), nika roza (zola jesus), and yasmine kittles (tearist)...
freddy sent me the stems for this track a decent while ago... but i've been a bit overwhelmed with gigs and life as of late so it took a second... homeboy said he diggs it. maybe you will too?


...incidently the photo in the beginning of this post is from a photographer by the name of richard misrach from a book entitled destroy this memory... it's an interesting look at the aftermath of hurricane katrina... less morbid than most... but definitively heavy. he gave a lecture i attended at my wife's gallery sf camerawork.