Friday, March 4, 2011

i'm in love with chelsea wolfe...

i hope that statement doesn't creep her out. i'm kind of prone to hyperbole... but i'm not sure if that's what's at issue here. the girl is seriously fucking uh-mazing... intelligent, well spoken, and sweet as all hell... then she gets on stage and fucking destroys me. she does what any good performer should. she becomes what she presents.

i talked to her for a bit and got some footage from her performance at noise pop... if y'all missed that shit... don't worry... i'm bringing them back for 120 MINUTES this summer.

showed her this video, and this was her response.
"out of space and time; bottomless and boundless floods.. something died inside me last night, normally that might sound like a bad thing but i think actually it cleared out a fog in my head.. my memory is bringing me all sorts of sounds and colors and days that i could never remember before..."
seriously... fuck-ing love.

go buy her album, the grime and the glow, from pendu right now... fer realz.

chelsea wolfe- halfsleeper mp3


Anér said...

Chelsea rulez!!
and for all the Italian fanz or just curious people out there take a look here:
and here:

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