Tuesday, November 24, 2009

with jaded eyes and features... you think they really care?

anybody who's anybody is a busybody everybody. as evidenced in the plethora of mediums Maximilla Lukacs' work shows up in. good stuff all around, but i'm particularly taken by these two videos at present... the first because it reminds me of the intro to the wonder years via my childhood (read as: small town punk rocker with nothing to do)... the second (done for her boyfriend Guy Blakesle's Entrance Band) because it feels like a psyched out Maya Daren treatment of sorts...

most of what she does are shot for shot remakes of well known experimental awesomeness... but she grabs from good places, and if Tarentino can make a career of it, why not someone more attractive?
pajo-where eagles dare mp3
the entrance band-grim reaper blues mp3