Sunday, November 21, 2010


li'l video i threw together for the weird goth nicki minaj dragg edit i threw together...

life's a drag.
saAaAaVemEe mp3

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


andrew took this polaroid.
andrew and i made this track awhile back... needs some work.

destroyer of worlds (mp3)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

rain, pain, and cocaine.

this is kinda how i remember shit... but i was all kindsa fucked up...

disaro fest from WhITCH on Vimeo.

regardless... had an absurd amount of fun the other week with the DISARO kids... another fun presentation from 120 MINUTES and our friends at NACHTMUSIK.

king dude

water borders

white ring

ENTERTAINMENT also played and they were fucking amazing... unfortunately so far i got no pics of that part of the show... if you do... hit me up.
photos courtesy of SEE THE LEAVES.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

post election anhedonia.

"I'm a rabbit in your headlights
Christian suburbanite
You got money to burn....

Fat bloody fingers are sucking your soul away..."
i kinda hate this country sometimes... oh well.

UNKLE (featuring thom yorke)- rabbit in your headlights (mp3)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

aTelecine... experimental music porn.

holy shit.

no seriously, holy shit. this is completely, fucking amazing. this is the second release from aTelecine through Pendu sound recordings... and it's fucking destroying me. a collection of sound collages made from  tape loops, vocals, and instrumentation. at once creepy and reassuring... the sound is completely enveloping. reminiscent of coil... and somehow david lynch. there are even moments that feel like good doom metal should... though significantly more minimal "i came, i sat, i departed" sludges along at a perfectly balanced pace at once lazy and anxious.
i fucking love this shit... you might notice that i never really review music... i just kinda put it out there. probably for the better... but, i kinda can't help it in this case... people need to get on this...

oh yeah... this is also the music project of SASHA GREY... now, i know a fact like that shouldn't be an afterthought... but  in this case it kinda is.
fuck... what an amazing afterthought.
aTelecine- i came i sat i departed (mp3)

aTelecine- she is beautiful (mp3)

Monday, November 1, 2010

the present moment...

so, not fer nothin'... blogger has been kind of a dick lately... hopefully i don't incur their wrath any further by making this statement. but they've had me all fucked up in the game for some dayz now. and by that i mean weeks. i haven't been able to post for awhile and my 120 MINUTES mix that the FADER had featured has been down as well... it would seem, that someone somewhere objected to something in the track listing of side b? same issue with so whoever you is, random nameless entity that doesn't understand or appreciate mixtapes, eat a bag of dix. I even have a li'l disclaimer on the side of this here blog asking if anyone has any issue to let me know and i will voluntarily take shit down... but... life's a bitch... and apparently that bitch can't read.
moving on... we been working on a remix for this track "million to one" by THE PRESENT MOMENT.
here is an unfinished version... the original is sick... hopefully ya'll dig what we got on it. feel free to throw out feedback... def gonna tweak the vocals a bit more.

the present moment- million to one (mp3)

WhITCH_vs_U>L>S>A- 1000000/2/1ReMxXX (mp3)