Thursday, September 30, 2010

domestic violence

short film by rza called domestic violence... and an mp3 for the track of the same name... by far my favorite bobby digital track evs... and homeboy made  a lot of ill shit.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


i know i've been doing a lot of shit about salem up here recently... but with king night comin' out and all... there's a lot goin' on. this video is kinda perfect... shot on vhs... grainy and dark. i fucking love it.

if you want this track or the oOoOO remix look at this post.

in the mean time... here's an oldie but goodie
salem-ohk mp3

Thursday, September 23, 2010


super harvest moon last night... that's right i said super. as in mega...
balam acab is the shit... this song fucking rules your world... as does this fan video.
balam acab- see birds (moon) mp3 
(...and this font.)

Monday, September 20, 2010


i've been listening to this remix for like a week now, and it's been hell not sharing it with folx. it's been officially put out into the rest of the universe now so here you go.

salem- asia mp3

salem- asia(oOoOO RMXx) mp3

Sunday, September 19, 2010

based god

"But point blank anything with Lil B cost $ for real, I´m talking playboy $$ mansion money. I´m honestly a living legend and its weird I know it. And also if you’re thugging super hard adopt a pet. Honestly, a cat. It will relax you. A baby cat at that. ASPCA I love you! Adopt baby cats!"
-Li'l B the Based God

memories pt 1 based freestyle- lil b (mp3)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i'd rather be sleeping.

seriously... i really would... i just want to be able to close my eyes and drift back on a sea of fuzz and melody into some kind of lynchian dreamscape.
i can't believe we didn't go to this show... we had free tickets and all but were all screwed up in the game from having just got off an airplane... oh well... grouper is amazing.

grouper-heavy water/i'd rather be sleeping mp3

grouper-heavy water (phaseone edit) mp3

Monday, September 13, 2010

¡viva los muertos!

it's getting closer to dia de los muertos/all hallows eve/samhain/what have you... and I'm getting antsy; so me and some friends are putting together a li'l mini festival in honor of all things dark and wicked. The details are in the works right now, but what i can tell you is that we are bringing the disaro records family to the table on this and things are going to be fucking insane... dark and sweaty with some drunk thrown in.

here's a preview of the lineup.

White Ring-lxC999

King Dude-my beloved ghost

Water Borders-even in the dark


Saturday, September 11, 2010


ughh... absurdly exhausted. been on a particularly manic swing for some weeks now, and i'm pretty sure it's finally catching up to me... but i think this will help. it's a mix my wife made sometime back, and it's definitively got a witching hour kinda vibe to it...
solid dreamy jams to fade away to. (mp3)
(no track list, but i'll go through and amend that later)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

season of the witch.

my friend brian did this as a b side to my witchtape awhile back, and i can't get several parts of it out of my head... so as with everything else, i figure i might as well post it here... 
i am not exactly sure of the complete track listing on it... but before he sent me the tape he initially gave me this awesome set of linx to most of the trax on youtube.

nina hagen- witch dance
aphex twin- logon rock witch
burning witch- communion
witch- lazy bones
julie driscoll- season of the witch
coven- white witch of rose hall
The Lollipop shoppe- you must be a witch
october country- my girlfriend is a witch

all solid songs about witches... here is an mp3 of the tape if yer down.

market virus- witchtape side b

...and here is a protection chant to protect you from evil... you should do this before and after doing spells... visualize your self sitting in the middle of the pentagram, facing upwards with 3 circles of purple light round you
EVIL TO THE GROUND"  say it three times and end it
with "SO MOTE IT BE"

Je T'aime

i can't for the life of me come anywhere near speaking french... but that fact doesn't make me want to fuck jane birkin any less... nor does it make me blind to the fact, that as creepy as he was, serge gaisbourg may well have been the sexiest man to ever live. the french used to really have a rap on shit.
...sorry, woke up and looked around tumblr for a sec... that shit always makes me a bit lascivious.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


this song has been stuck in my head off and on for several years now... now you can have it stuck in yours.

aphex twin- avril 14th.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

high on pills...

and listening to screw... i miss that motherfucker... not that i was lucky enough to know him in any capacity... but dammit i miss him. so much of what i listen to and care about musically couldn't have possibly happened if it weren't fer him. his mixes have just the right amount of warm, blanketed, eerie, emptiness to 'em. sizzurp is a helluva drug.
so is dilaudid...
here's a screw remix of eazy e (just click and download). him i miss too... but not nearly as much.

whats my name- eazy e (dj screw mix)

...and here's a salem remix of gucci with the same kinda vibe to it...

salem x gucci mane-bird flu

Monday, September 6, 2010

T and A

i interact with my tumblr significantly more often than i do with this here blog... there are a few key reasons for that... one is obviously ease of use... i don't have to think much, it's more of a scrapbook than anything else... two, it feels significantly more social... people respond to what i post and do so quickly and quantifiably... it has a good sense of instant gratification to it... three, there is just so much more nudity involved... tumblr is a bit more comfortable with explicit material.
in light of the amount of traffic i've been getting here as of late, i aim to even out this equation a bit. i will make a concerted effort to post to this blog daily... and to throw in some nudity now and then... and of course musix... mp3's of shit that strikes my fancy and mixtapes... i swear i will throw out some more mixtapes... since the fader thing i keep getting emails asking for more mixes... so keep an eye out. they are coming... i promise... in the meantime, feel free to check out a couple of the older ones (linx on the right side of this page)...

8 songs randomly played from itunes when the word sex was typed in... (click trax fer mp3's)
air-sexy boy
cold cave- sex ads (painted nails 7")
tricky- sex drive
alien sex fiend- i walk the line
miranda sex garden-monk song
gil scot heron-sex education ghetto style
fasta boys-i aint had sex in a long time
the ravonettes-dirty eyes (sex dont tell)