Monday, September 6, 2010

T and A

i interact with my tumblr significantly more often than i do with this here blog... there are a few key reasons for that... one is obviously ease of use... i don't have to think much, it's more of a scrapbook than anything else... two, it feels significantly more social... people respond to what i post and do so quickly and quantifiably... it has a good sense of instant gratification to it... three, there is just so much more nudity involved... tumblr is a bit more comfortable with explicit material.
in light of the amount of traffic i've been getting here as of late, i aim to even out this equation a bit. i will make a concerted effort to post to this blog daily... and to throw in some nudity now and then... and of course musix... mp3's of shit that strikes my fancy and mixtapes... i swear i will throw out some more mixtapes... since the fader thing i keep getting emails asking for more mixes... so keep an eye out. they are coming... i promise... in the meantime, feel free to check out a couple of the older ones (linx on the right side of this page)...

8 songs randomly played from itunes when the word sex was typed in... (click trax fer mp3's)
air-sexy boy
cold cave- sex ads (painted nails 7")
tricky- sex drive
alien sex fiend- i walk the line
miranda sex garden-monk song
gil scot heron-sex education ghetto style
fasta boys-i aint had sex in a long time
the ravonettes-dirty eyes (sex dont tell)


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