Monday, September 13, 2010

¡viva los muertos!

it's getting closer to dia de los muertos/all hallows eve/samhain/what have you... and I'm getting antsy; so me and some friends are putting together a li'l mini festival in honor of all things dark and wicked. The details are in the works right now, but what i can tell you is that we are bringing the disaro records family to the table on this and things are going to be fucking insane... dark and sweaty with some drunk thrown in.

here's a preview of the lineup.

White Ring-lxC999

King Dude-my beloved ghost

Water Borders-even in the dark



Anonymous said...

Present Moment does Season Of The Witch...seems like that should be on ur list..

WhITCH said...

hell to the yessssssss... i am actually gonna be doing a present moment post in the next couple dayz... cause they are doing a different show with me...

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