Thursday, February 17, 2011

thizz faced in L.A.

i went to L.A. last weekend to play for pendu disco's first west coast outing at show cave... also swung through and did a set for killing spree over at medusa lounge. the whole experience was nothing short of perfect. a meeting of like minded individuals from across the country all dedicated to bringing some new shit to kids... art, music, fashion... the shit we all been doing for a long time is being recognized right now, and we jus' gonna keep spittin' it. black is, was, and always will be the new black.
above is just a vid of sarah from killing spree hanging out with a rat named dreamcatcher... and disaro taking a much needed nap. i was high as shit on e when i taped this so... yeah.
and here are some performances show cave after the jump.... king dude and chelsea wolfe.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mind Tripping 24/7

Kathleen Daniel uses software like DAZ3d and blender3d to make animations that combine her unique, free-form, hypnagogic R n B with disarmingly heartfelt and hilarious psychedelic technoscapes. 
We've selected a few of our favorites but it was pretty difficult to narrow it down. We highly recommend watching every single one on her website or youtube account. 

An interview with Kathleen Daniel and more videos after the jump.