Tuesday, August 31, 2010

death rattle.

yesterday, my niece asked "don't you wish you weren't alive all the time, so you could lay down in heaven."
there's a company out of the UK called AND VINYLY that will press your ashes into vinyl. so now you can haunt 30 of your closest friends with a mixtape of your mortality.
here's a rough draft of mine... in case it comes up before i have a chance to get something more formal together.
(click trax fer mp3's)
nick cave and the bad seeds-the mercy seat
johnny mandel-suicide is painless
daniel knox-ghostsong
rocket from the tombs-ain't it fun
coil-who'll fall
i think i might also record my own version of dust in the wind sometime in the next couple weeks.

beyond all that, last saturday was pretty ill... so much so that i just said ill. we had the first installment of 120 MINUTES (a night i'm throwing here in SF).  LIGHT ASYLUM played an amazing show,  oOoOO, Harrison, and  Josh killed it with their DJ sets... and i felt solid on my audio/video set...
shannon from light asylum
crowd feelin' it
me and john (from SALEM)
speaking of... check out this video for king night. honestly... no idea if it's official... been busy as fuck and out of the loop lately... but, regardless it's hot as all shit. dark and tripped out... magic.
Salem - King Night from Sean Michael Pheanis on Vimeo.


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