Saturday, October 16, 2010

being busy is it's own kind of drug... sometimes stimulant, sometimes depressant, sometimes hallucinogenic...120 MINUTES MIXTAPE

so google is a bitch and keeps taking this tape down fer no good reason... but peeps keep asking me  to put it back up... so here we go again... this is the original post with new links fer the download... tracklisting is embeded in the file.
me and oOoOO are gonna be doin' a new 120 mix soon... 

sorry it's been a second... and then some. i've been working on a lot of projects. one of which was this mixtape. i actually finished it weeks ago, but again, the overwhelming crazy that is my life as of late has kept it on the back burner. but here it is, in all its random glory... the particularly amazing part is that side b was mixed by none other than oOoOO... yep that's right, one of the high priests of "witch house" has helped to bring you a fabulous romp through crazytown filled with everything from creeptastic meena kumari remixes to...

120 Minutes is a club night i'm throwing here in san francisco... a video dance club and showcase for independent music... on august 28th LIGHT ASYLUM is playing... it's gonna be absurdly amazing.

side a

side b