Monday, July 11, 2011

loved to death.

so my friends at loved to death make shit... like the best shit... like ever. they do taxidermy work... jewelry, hair pieces, curio's, etc.
everything is made with care and then some... nothing is ever killed to be used... all made from recycled and salvaged parts, and all are made in memorial to the animal that has passed.

the loved to death shop is also the home of articulated gallery... which has been home to some absurdly amazing art show's over the past year... they're having an anniversary show on august 6th featuring the photography work of tommy ferguson.
there will be booze and darkness, with myself and nako providing musix. come hang k?

those kids obsess on musix like i do... so these two trax are fer them... they fer y'all too so feel free to grab 'em.
chelsea wolfe... insanely beautiful as always... (on tour with liturgy this month... and playin 120 minutes in sept)... and nike7up coming through 120 minutes in august.

chelsea wolfe-mer mp3
nike7up-lucky (thief in the night mix)mp3

photos: andrew moran   stylist: kristine cruz   model: tory   jewelry and bat: loved to death   slip: black pyramid


audra said...

awww xoxo. and my two favorite songs at the moment, which you already know. much love to you......A

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