Thursday, May 26, 2011

Screen Time

Hi, I'm Jennifer. I saved this post as a draft a year and a half ago, but no one's enjoying it in my Blogger dashboard. So here goes... my first post for AWEWWE. Enjoy.

"Ballet Mecanique," 1924:

lots more after the jump...

1940s Auroratone concert film:

"Yantra," James Whitney, 1957:

"Electronics in the World of Tomorrow," Erkki Kurenniemi, 1964:

"Offon," Scott Bartlett, 1967:

"Arabesque," John Whitney, 1975:

"Video Weavings," Stephen Beck, 1976:

"Starship," Ron Hays, 1979:

"Digital Dance," Ed Tannenbaum, 1982:

"Birth of the Starchild," Sarah Enid Hagey, 2007:

And here's a track from one of my favorite albums so far this year, appropriately titled for this post:

Leyland Kirby, "Live for the Future, Long for the Past," Intrigue & Stuff Vol. 1 (mp3)


DustedShoes1 said...

Heyllo, I wanted to say excellent on the 11 11 11 mix. I'm going to put it on my radio show next week if thats cool.?

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