Monday, August 17, 2009


here, download and listen to this right now.
witchcraft-her sisters they were weak mp3

for some reason or other recently i've become re-infatuated with the occult... (as a kid i had fancied myself a witch... performing half assed spells with candles and a little bloodletting... even carved the rune of protection into my hand deep enough that the scar still persists in bringing a smile to my face from time to time.) now as goth as all this might sound, it was really just some typical 'misunderstood' middle school kid bullshit... one part new age hippie town, one part broken home, one part 'the craft'...
it's just lame i didn't spend enough time studying wicca, paganism and the church of satan a bit more closely so as to have walked away with a broader understanding of the diverse concepts of spirituality and the universe the various sects had to offer...particularly with regard to style.

stevie nicks-rhiannon (piano demo) mp3
strangely, i'm not usually a big fleetwood mac fan... but these demos of stevie solo on the piano (and copious amounts of pills, cocaine, and booze) are absolutely amazing.

stevie nicks-sisters of the moon (piano demo) mp3

stevie nicks-planets of the universe (piano demo) mp3
there is definitely some amazing magical component to her awesomeness with regard to these demos... witchy woman.
i'm thinking about going to witchfest international in november... but it's in london so i would have to crash with friends...

on a vaguely related note, suspiria, a club night in san francisco based entirely on the perfect style and cold atmospheric music of the dario argento film suspiria, is having it's last hoorah this wednesday eve... and i very much think all should attend.

for good measure, here's a copy of the insanely amazing title track to suspiria's soundtrack by goblin.
goblin-susperia mp3


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