Wednesday, August 12, 2009


hate your parents, love your friends...warm days that taste like nicotine, sweet-tarts and sex... smoking, drinking, fucking, fighting, dancing. innocence and debauch. no one understands you, every song is about you.
it's come time for some kind of teenage riot.
...and i thank girls for bringing us one.
this is the video for the song lust for life (mp3 link borrowed from cobain in a coma, an amazing blog if for some reason you don't already read it)... off the absurdly perfect 7" of the same name. limited and long since sold out, the fucking thing came with a corsage. perfect.
and so is this.

for those (likely most of you) who missed yer chance to grab said single... you get one more... girls full length album is (finally) to be released on september 22nd of this year on true panther sounds, and if you pre-order it through insound you get a free copy of lust for life with a new b-side: "life in san francisco". precious.


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