Thursday, August 13, 2009


yesterday was my anniversary... and my wifey, being the amazingly perfect and intuitive person she is, realized (subconsciously, without looking it up) that the traditional gift one gives on their one year anniversary is something made of paper (the modern gift being something having to do with clocks, but who has any interest in modernity these days?)... so i, in turn, received a book, and a fabulous one at that.

seriously... a whole damned book filled with surrealist parlor games and examples from a myriad of artists showing what said games produce... fan-fucking-tastic! if for some reason you need to acquire a copy of this book for yourself (and i promise you, you do), here you go... i just made it that much easier.
now, since, for this moment anyway, we're talking about books... and randomly so... i will direct your attention to a few other key areas...
first, your daily awesome (rip) brought some amazing images to my attention some time back.

they are brain maps from the book of life by dr. alesha sivartha... yda got them from here... and that guy got them from here... and now you got them from me... awesome, right? i'll be doing a more detailed post about the book of life sometime in the near future after i let it digest a bit more... books with awesome imagery... my friend audrey just blogged about another blog which focuses on this very topic... scans of super amazing old book covers... like for reals... check it.

okay... so i'm gonna stop soon, i swear... but there are just two more things i need to spit out before this caffeine wears off. owl cave books put a link to this blog up on facebook today, and it is absolutely amazing...

awful library books... about as perfectly nerdy as you could get.
incidentally, owl cave is also the best place to pick up perfect and random books you didn't even know you were looking for.

p.s. librarians are hot.
p.p.s. girls on the cover of the fader? word.


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