Monday, August 24, 2009

bohemian babe

mina loy was a poet, playwright, novelist, artist, actress, and designer. she was beloved by gertrude stein, t.s. eliot, and ezra pound, to name but a few. it's not hard to see why...

this is one of my all-time favorite poems, courtesy of ms. mina loy:

There is no Life or Death
Only activity
And in the absolute
Is no declivity.
There is no Love or Lust
Only propensity
Who would possess
Is a nonentity.
There is no First or Last
Only equality
And who would rule
Joins the majority.
There is no Space or Time
Only intensity,
And tame things
Have no immensity.

click on this handwritten poem to see it bigger:

a drawing and a gouache painting:

and of course, the obligatory man ray portrait:

get to know her... i highly recommend the lost lunar baedeker. and while you're at it... get to know zola jesus as well.

zola jesus-clay bodies mp3


Verhext said...

mina loy has been one of my top loves since high school!! so good. her poems get stuck in my head like songs.

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