Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the caretaker.

i've been watching a lot of twin peaks lately.
and jennifer was playing the caretaker all morning... and somehow the two make a lot of sense together.
the caretaker-cloudy since you went away mp3
the caretaker-it's all forgotten now mp3
he takes old ballroom 78's and slows 'em down, adds a bunch of reverb, some field recordings... and generally makes them super creepy in every possible way... the result is amazing... absolutely amazing.
there is a fabulous interview with/article about him in cyclic defrost magazine... an australian publication that apparently focuses on "interesting music".
speaking of twin peaks/interesting music... have you listened to the twin peaks/black metal inspired, love song to the wind that is the new mount eerie album winds poem?
seriously, listen to this song (and yes that is a sample from laura's theme).
mount eerie-between two mysteries mp3


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