Tuesday, July 13, 2010

house witch.witch house

Chili pepper seeds are wonderful for protective magick and repelling. Wash them, let them dry out, and then place them in a
little glass jar with a lid. Bless your seeds in any way you wish... Make a label for your jar that reads whatever you like.
You can use the seeds to banish negativity from your home whenever you feel the need.
There are two methods for this:

1. Sprinkle a few seeds around your kitchen or home and then vacuum or sweep them out the back door. (it's best not to sweep toward your front door as you might remove your homes luck.)
2. Place some seeds in a mortar and ground them to a powder. Sprinkle the powder where needed and the proceed to vacuum or sweep up. Discard out your back door.

one of my favorite witch-house (drag) projects right now is oOoOO... and lovely enough it would appear they are based out of san francisco. me too. now i just need to put together a show for them.

oOoOO-no shore (mp3)

random weird... one of my favorite blogs, black pyramid, did a post on me.


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