Thursday, July 15, 2010

the importance of synchronicity and happenstance.

i believe very strongly in magic... and one of the most powerful ways it presents itself is through synchronicity and happenstance. synchronicity was defined by Jung as a meaningful coincidence of an external event with a psychic event, such as a dream, fantasy, or thought... these events coincide in time in a way that gives them meaning for the observer. that is, they seem as communications between a divine force and ourselves, and they confirm that there is a connection or interaction between our psyche and physical reality. this to me is magic... and Jung would generally seem to agree...

...but i digress... the point here is to explain the amazing that is taking place in my life right now... all around me, every day, i have been witness to these happy happenstances. my favorite example shall be explained in part now, and in part in an upcoming post.
yesterday i noticed an all to familiar sight that for various reasons always provokes me to intervene... actually intervene is completely the wrong word because there was no nobility or heroics involved... i just get bored and hate it when i see people i very much appreciate not getting along... you see, there was random nonsensical social networking drama... one of those situations that arises because it's very hard to truly convey sarcasm on the interwebs... and two people who i know and have known for years, but who don't know eachother, were somehow unhappily interacting... this led me to click some buttons and chat with both of them and randomly tell them that the other person involved was also an amazing person and it was likely a weird misunderstanding... again... kinda pointless, but i was bored.. the important part of this is what follows... one of said friends is an individual by the name of patrick (who runs an absolutely fantastic blog called cobain in a coma), and as i was chatting with patrick he made some mention of one of my favorite bands LIGHT ASYLUM, and one of my fave people lauren devine... so i decided to chat with lauren... and she put me in contact with light asylum's touring manager... so to make a short story long...

LIGHT ASYLUM is playing here in SF ON AUGUST 28th.

light asylum-shallow tears (mp3)


theneutrondance said...

I dig it! I will investigate some more.

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