Saturday, January 15, 2011

keep the reaper off me

secretive producer U>L>S>A> is a recent arrival here in SF from London and a member of experimental electronic music projects, Shrieking Abscess and PoSE.

homie is also the new other author of this blog... as evidenced by this here mixtape the kid is absurdly talented and has taste.
glitch, treble, and static heavy... "keep the reaper off me" is like listening to a low signal internet podcast from a sick hip hop selector after smoking a sherm stick... and somehow an analog radio signal keeps bleeding through with news reports and classic country... and your tripping so hard that it all makes perfect sense... especially when it turns in to a slowed down trance room freak out.
basically shit is tight... download it... throw on some headphones... smoke a blunt... and go for a fuckin' walk.

keep the reaper off me (mixtape)- U>L>S>A>
(tracklist after the jump)

keep the reaper off me- Shrieking Abscess
Drug Flow- Curren$y ft Freck Billionaire (U>L>S>A> remix)
Run Things- G-Side                               
I Represent It-  Philthy Rich                         
head to head- East Flatbush Project (U>L>S>A> remix)
? (track 6, 4180 mixtape)- Pill, Young L-E-N, Young L 
Lumpy Crawlers- Otto Von Schirach
Pistol Packing Papa- Jimmie Rodgers
Heroin- Heroin (U>L>S>A> remix)
children- Robert Miles (crack epidemic remix)


SergDun said...

what's up with this mp3? it won't play, says the file format doesn't match the mp3 tag so I can't get it to play

WhITCH said...

i just tested it... seems to be working... both through the player and for download... maybe the hosting account was just being weird? try it again.

whoadave said...

Any chance I can get these tracks unmixed?

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