Wednesday, September 2, 2009


clear dark is a perfect li'l image based zine featuring the work of daniel hipolito... and it feels like trying to remember dreams.
you should contact him and order one.

amber asylum- garden of love mp3

xasthur- a walk beyond utter blackness mp3

april march and los cincos- theme for the lime cafe mp3

townes van zandt- our mother the mountain mp3

"I began Clear Dark in 1995. Originally it was a freeform, non-linear, semi-autobiographical, narrative, noir, comic book-style zine. I always intended to suggest things as a story and not tell events directly.

As time went on I began to increase the production value, to draw without dialog, and with less and less panels per page, until ending up with something more abstract yet photorealistic, and psychedelic yet less delirious. The last issue, number 8, took many hours over many years to complete. As with many artists, I imagine my work to be a distillation of what I am and what I've seen. I suppose there's been a lot happening."

the above is the statement daniel gave in explanation of clear dark... i also asked him for a few songs to sketch out a soundtrack. spending time with these images and sounds stimulates some very strange and particular feelings... as though these are my panels of moments having happened in my life... or, again, in some sort of dream i've had... incidentally, here are the songs i was listening to before daniel sent me his list.
silver mount zion- 13 angels standing guard 'round the side of your bed mp3
jimmy scott- sycamore trees mp3
elvis presley- blue moon (sun records)mp3
daniel knox- ghostsong (johnsdemo)mp3


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