Monday, July 21, 2014

polaroid post 002: andrew sean moran (january 13th, 1981-july 17th, 2013)

Andrew Sean Moran- Polaroid Land Camera Model 180

"there is another world... there is a better world... well there must be."

Thursday, July 17, 2014

polaroid post 001: andrew sean moran (january 13th, 1981-july 17th, 2013)

Andrew Sean Moran- Polaroid Land Camera Model 180

"i lost my best friend and i sang this song for him. this was a really beautiful and sad experience for me -- the video is the only take of the song, the first time i've ever played it, culling the lyrics from memory and singing from my soul with and for my boy." 
-tom krell

Monday, January 13, 2014

day one...

so yuh... obvs i haven't really been on top of this blog in awhile... and i kinda doubt i will be going forward... but who really knows, i am a strange and broken animal....
as for right now i have this thing i can't get out of my head. so i decided to treat it with the same lack of effort i treat pretty much everything...

my best friend died a while back... he was kinda a dick... but he was my brother... i met him on his birthday... friday the 13th, january, 1995... i know this is super creepy and all, but i think imma start taking selfies and photoshopping him into them... from time to time i might even try and do a good job... but for the most part this is a very selfish exercise on my part and very few fucks will be given in the quality department...
and i know i posted this the last time i bothered to use this thing... but it's kinda pertinent.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

i want to die rejoicing.

prayer of death- entrance
I want to die without no fear
I want to die rejoicing
I want to meet my brother there
And hear his glorious voice sing
Could not bear it to be left alone
In this world so full of sorrow
So if you leave this world today
I'll follow you tomorrow
I want to be prepared to die
In any kind of weather
I want for you to be ready too
We'll fly away together
If you think your life will have no end
Your foolish days are numbered
Go and waste your time trying to pretend
Still you're bound for eternal slumber
And the wicked men who rule this land
With all their wealth and power
Are bound to die like you and I
And none can tell the hour
I want to live in freedom now
I will not wait for Heaven
I want to sing til Babylon falls
And we all will be forgiven
I want die without no fear
How I want to die rejoicing
How I want to meet my brother there
And hear his glorious voice sing

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

thee physical

so today pictureplane's new album thee physical received it's physical release.
travis egedy is a prophet, a poet, and a friend... not just to me, but to anyone fortunate enough to interact with him. admittedly this statement is based on a night spent in his company bingeing on mdma with some other close friends... a night of music, lasers, drag, shoe licking.
still rolling on our way to the airport i handed travis the camera and asked him what informs his work... the following is his response.

his new video for post physical is perfect... chaotic, beautiful, and without pretense.

Pictureplane - "Post Physical" from stereogum on Vimeo.

pictureplane-post physical (mp3)

Thursday, July 14, 2011


always fucking killing it. nike7up just dropped yet another insanely uh-mazing mixtape... expansive without ever being unfocused. nike7up continues to manipulate elements of pop without being ironic, but instead inspiring.

nike7up- mixtape july 33:33 mp3

damn... still can't no body can fuck with this motherfucker. (he's playing 120 minutes at the elbo room friday august 5th in san francisco)

nike7up-lucky (thief in the night mix)mp3

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

division of labor.

myself and U>L>S>A are playing some noise/beats/imagery this friday at the division of labor festival at the lab in the san francisco mission... though personally i'm more excited about the rest of the lineup...

particularly streetwalker, and total accomplishment... i played with streetwalker some months back in new york at pendu disco... and they were fucking sick... and i've been listening to everything total accomplishment has up on their soundcloud fer like evs... i strongly suggest taking some decent acid, coming out, and having your mind blown.

OOZE by Streetwalker
Benny's Beat Studio Jam by totalaccomplishment

"Division of Labor playfully examines experimental music, sound, performance, and DJ culture, bringing together distinctive artists and uniting diverse audiences from within The Lab’s innovative creative community and beyond. For the past 16 years, the Lab has occupied the Redstone Building—a landmark encapsulating a specific history of union organization and labor strikes. Division of Labor is inspired by the Redstone building's rich history and coincides with our annual juried exhibition, A floorless room without walls. The gallery ceiling serves as both site and subject of A floorless room without walls."